Pierce History

Records and images of our Pierce Family and the direct descendants of the Kilrane 7 of Wexford County Ireland.

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Other Family History

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Slope County History

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We make history before it makes us

This page is dedicated to the hard working families of Slope County from today and yesterday, who not only shaped our countryside, but has shaped each one of us that have had the opportunity to experience our fine county. This page could not be dedicated to just the Pierce Family, which much of the material here is about. But it must acknowledge the relationships made between families, for the hardships they overcame, could not have been endured without strong conviction to their fellow farmers.

We owe it to our past fathers, mothers, brothers, uncles, and aunts who made sure their families stuck together through the hardships only a true Slope County resident of the day could understand. These were the people that made us, the descendants, appreciate and value life and relationships with such high regard.