North Cedar Creek | Bed & Breakfast

North Cedar Creek is the perfect destination in southwest North Dakota for pheasant hunting.

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Most years we have more pheasants than we can count. We offer hunters a warm and dry place to hang their shotguns in our 1895 Victorian home that was moved from just south of Fargo, ND.

10150665749760957 1Have any meal requests? Let Charlene know and she will put her fine touches on anything you desire. Just let her know before you arrive, as we don’t have a supermarket around the corner. She serves a hot breakfast and dinner that is included with your stay.

Our property lies in Slope County North Dakota, within a short drive from the highest point in ND, White Butte. Just a few miles down the road are the Rainy Buttes, where Sitting Bull had stayed during hunting trips with his tribe. We have a few Indian artifacts found on the property, ask us about them and we would be glad to share the story.

Our rooms for hunting pheasant usually book out months in advance, so call well ahead to reserve your spot. We have hundreds of acres of prime pheasant habitat, but the weather always plays a major factor in the bird population. The Chinese Ringneck Pheasant has done very well in this part of the country, where it has failed in so many others.

Give us a call, write us an email, let us know how we can set up a hunting experience that you will not soon forget!

Don’t forget to read the laws of pheasant hunting in southwest North Dakota. Read them and buy your license at

Find some great information about North Dakota over at North Dakota Tourism.

Many people ask us about our steam engine that has been on our farm for over a century. It is now kept in Bowman, but we fire it up every year at the Bowman County Threshing Bee. You can find out when and where it is by checking out  the Bowman County website.