For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Do you sell licensing?

A: We do not. You must visit a local retail store that offers them or get them direct at www.gf.nd.gov

Q: Do you have dogs?

A: We do have accommodations for your dogs in a heated garage, but we do not have any dogs for hire.

Q: How many pheasants can we expect to get?

A: The majority of our hunting parties get very close to their limits. The changes in the weather contribute a lot to a successful hunt. Unfortunately, we have not learned how to stop bad weather yet, so sometimes the birds are hard to get. Get your tall boots on, and get up early, they are out there.

Q: What is the daily limit?

A: A legal daily limit is 3 male pheasants. Find the best information on laws at www.gf.nd.gov

Q: Can you prepare certain foods for us?

A: Charlene Pierce is an amazing cook. What makes her amazing is her ability to adapt to different meal requirements and demands. She has a long menu of delicious, hearty meals that are sure to satisfy you. Sit back, relax, eat up.

Q: Do you have guns we can use?

A: We have many guns, but if you are coming to hunt, you should bring your own gun so you are familiar with its functions and capabilities. We do not want any injuries because of faulty equipment. Know your gun.